Heaven will lie beneath my feet the day that I become a mother.

This Butterfly will discover her wings with much amazement and wonder.

My skin will stretch as far as the sky.

I will earn my tiger stripes and they will be just as beautiful as my mothers.

Caught in the wilderness, I will search for directions.

There won’t be any.

Only life lessons.

And I’ll be haunted by your lectures.

And all the times you said one day you will understand when you become a mother.

And I will remember tender arms that held me.

Feet that taught me how to dance.

The one who taught me the meaning of sacrifice.

Even when she had other plans.

My mother.

Backbone made of steel.

Warrior with the magic womb.

You no epidural taking super woman!

Forced into painful shapes yet strong enough to endure the pain.

Cheekbones that rise despite the suffering.

Human being who chose to use her heart before making sense.

Young one, afraid who had no choice but strength.

You worked a job many would undermine.

A stay at home mom.

I think you’re done just fine.

You raised us right and through us you shine.

M.y perfectly imperfect Mother.

One word could never adequately celebrate your name.

A title that so many amazing women have claimed.

Young mothers.

Single mothers.

Poor mothers.

Widowed mothers.

Adopted mothers.

Foster mothers.

Some who say they’ve never known true love until they became a mother.

Not enough do we honor our mothers.

The ones who always know best.

Whose prayers we wear as a bullet proof vest.

And although she may be someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s wife, and someone’s mother…

Let us always remember that she is SOMEONE.

Already whole and complete.

Many of our mother’s have set standards that we can only one day hope to reach.

So never use the sharpness of your speech on the very one who taught you how to speak.

Be good to her.

Be loving.

And sweet.

Never  forget that heaven lies beneath her feet.

Take a moment to celebrate your Queen.

Promise to always treat her right because despite  mistakes

She CHOSE to give you life.