The notion that Muslims are terrorists is so far from reality that it is actually comical. The truth is that Muslims can be like everybody else. We do boring, mundane things like brush our teeth in the morning and watch Netflix’s “Stranger Things” at the end of a long day.

Sure, there are things we do that set us apart from others. Things like putting our forehead to the ground when we pray or dressing more modestly than the average Joe. With that being said, where does the word terrorist fit into all of this?

It doesn’t, and adding it into the conversation makes for an awkward narrative that does not make sense. Unfortunately, the surveillance of innocent Muslim civilians in this country is at an all time high. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) reports since at least 2002, the New York City Police Department’s Intelligence Division has engaged in the “religious profiling and suspicionless surveillance” of Muslims in New York City and beyond.

This inspired me to create an artistic expression that looks at the life of an everyday Muslim woman who is being spied on. I want you to closely examine their “terrorist file” and decide if anything here screams suspicious.



Terrorist 1 and 2


Evidence Collected:

1. Woke up and brushed her teeth

2. Went to the bathroom to comb her hair

3. Attended school the entire day

4. Came home and observed prayer

5. Took a shower before bed

6. Watched Netflix and called it a night