Alia Sharrief “Black Heros” (Music Video)

As a false narrative continues to show what is wrong with Hiphop today ,the need for a proper response is vital! Internationally known Muslimah on the mic Alia Sharrief drops “Black Heros” featuring Aminah Bell over the beat for Iggy’s hit song “Black Widow.” This song and video is a reclamation of Hiphop and reminds us of the roots of the culture, that is often hidden from this current generation. Plz share #BlackHeros widely if you got love for the truth!!

Video Shot by: Majtabah Walai
Directed / Edited by: Alia Sharrief
Lyrics: Alia Sharrief

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Track Mixed by @IAmEDubb

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IG: @AliaSharrief